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Guitar Hero World Tour on the PS3 - Eye of the Tiger by Survivor and Expert mode on the drums - I owned your backside! 95%ish and a streak of over 100! Bring it on!

Went to Ailsa's tonight as she was lonely. We rocked out to Guitar Hero world tour. I even got someone else to have a go on the drums - why no-one really likes the drums I don't know, but they are teh awesomest!

Still, very late now, although 2 Europeans that I know are still up and talking - they are mad!

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Sunny95 (a radio station from Columbus, Ohio) has the best adverts! Here are a couple:

Advert 1:

Boy: Dad, I can't get the ketchup bottle open
*Cue cliffhanger chord*
Dad: Here, let me try
*Cue superhero music*
And it goes on from there.

Advert 2:

Boy: Dad, there's this girl and.....
Dad: Say no more! All you gotta do is impress her. Try lifting heavy things near her
Boy: heavy things?
Dad: You know, chairs, desks, people! and grunt!
Boy: Grunt?
Dad: Yeah, you know, uuuuurggghh..
Boy: uuuurgghhh.
Dad: Aaaarrgggghhhh.....
Boy: AArrggghh...
Voiceover: You don't have to be a perfect to be a perfect parent, to adopt, you just have to be there........

Another amusing feature of the radio station is the tendency for the computerised adverts and jingles to cut the presenter off mid-sentence!
"This is Sgt. Bill Taylor for sunny 95 in the Yellow Thun/" and in comes the jingle! :-) (Should be yellow thunder).

Oh, and finally -

"Why do I serve in the US Navy?" - "Freedom to Vote"...... ok.... right. coz you can't vote if you aren't in the navy..... :-)

Here's the link for the radio :

(PS - look out for Mercury! It's a killer and is becoming a big issue in Columbus. Apparently, it's absorbed by Fish).

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The internet. The Home and fount of all information. Youtube - the home of every single video clip ever made it seems - if it's not on youtube, it's not worth it. Yet, with all this wealth of information at our fingertips, can someone answer me this question:

What is the name or who did the song that goes : doo doo doo do do - do doo doo doo do - on the piano - it's a funky chord theme with the doo's being major chords with the top note being the fifth note of the scale, and the do's being the major chord only this time, the top note is the sixth rather than the fifth.

Can the internet answer this question? No, or at least, I've not yet found that it can. I have a tune stuck in my head. I've tried to type it down in text, but I fear that it has not come across well.

To make it slightly easier, think of the doo's as one note, and the do's as a note a tone higher (for the musically inclined, doo = G, do = A, so you get GGGAA-AGGGA the - is a rest the same length as the other notes).

Now, if anyone can answer this question, I'd absolutely love to know the answer!

Edit It has been pointed out to me that this has a passing resemblence to the March from the Nutcracker Suite, and I'm sure it's a jazzed up version of it, but I still can't remember it's name, nor can I find it on the internets...

All of this only proves my point. It took someone to tell me what it sounded like, to give it a name, before I could search for it on the webs. Roll on the days of "sounds like" searches!

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ZOMG! It's Magical Trevor on the Telly!

Wow!!! (this was on TV!)

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Life has recently been...... stressful, shitty, and lots of other words that are generally crappy. Mostly, this has been down to work. However, my other half being ill hasn't helped (not her fault!).

So, what have I been doing to make myself feel better? well, one thing is trawling youtube, and the following has just made my delightful wife ride off a cliff in Warcraft (now that's always amusing!).

Oh, and [ profile] hotpork, you'll love this....

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For those of you who aren't on the dog macros community (and why, might I ask, are you not?), here's something to make you laugh :-)

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This is so made of Awesome! For John Williams and Star Wars fans, this is a must see!
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Questions I never thought I'd ask part 1:

"Biscuit - are you eating mummy's flowers?"

Our cat appears to have gone vegetarian for a moment, either that or Chrysanthemum leaves are just the thing to make a cat go "ooh, snack! please, give me more!"

Hey ho.

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Has the world ended yet?

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Day 11 - Friday 8th August

Down the Farm )
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Day 10 - Thursday 7th August 2008

Random Fact - Columbus was too tall for his bed on the Santa Maria )
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Day 9 - Wednesday 6th August 2008

14 foot talking bears are scary )
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Day 8 - Tuesday 5th August 2008

Avoid number 2 like the plague )
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Day.... I lost count, Monday 4th August 2008

Dime-a-Dog Night! All Hotdogs 10cents each! )
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Day 6 - Sunday 3rd August 2008

Why can't you go through a Drive Thru without a car? )
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Day 4 - Friday 1st August 2008

It aint half wet down here Mom! )
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Day 3 - Thursday 31st July 2008

In which we find that Amtrack Cafe Car food is much better than British Railways food and is about half the price )
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Day 2 - Wednesday 30th July 2008
My word that's a big sky scraper sir! Have you seen my climbing monkey? )
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Finally, somewhere with an Internet connection I can use :-)

So, here come a series of posts of the trip so far......

Day 1 )

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