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Land's End to John O'Groats Day 1 - Land's End to Fowey 70 miles (including the 6 from St Just to Land's End to start us off)

So, I'll be totally honest, despite all the hills, this was my favourite day of the trip so far. The day started whilst I was in bed the previous night, failing to sleep. I'm counting it because it was a thing that happened to me. At around n am in the morning - phone was charging, I was on the top bunk of YHA accommodation, didn't have a clue of the actual time - my left calf muscle decided to give the big two fingers to the whole trip, and cramp up. I hadn't actually done any cycling by this point so can only believe that my left leg really didn't want to do this. Happily, I have had training in dealing with situations like this, so I merely whimpered a bit, then got back on with the job of trying to sleep. I'm not sure I did very well at it.

Breakfast came around far too quickly, and it was time to set off on the epic Land's End to John O'Groats ride....... by cycling to Land's End. Totally legit. So, we tacked the extra 6 miles on, and headed off down to the signpost, got met by and friends and family who were there - I had family, my friends clearly didn't try hard enough (love you all really) and we had our briefing and set off towards the first brew stop, then lunch, then the second brew stop, and then the B&B in Fowey.

I'm not going to give a blow by blow account of every turning, or every rotation of my bike wheel as quite frankly, if you want that, do the ride yourself. However, the day did provide a number of memories, and many wondrous demonstrations of gravity. In fact, special mention to gravity for today. It fulfilled its role wonderfully and I couldn't have asked for more from it. Except maybe that pulling me down the slopes quite that fast isn't great in the Cornish lanes where you can't see round that corner that's 100 yards... No, 80 yards, 50, 25, well, that corner you just went round anyway.

Before lunch, we had one really notable hill. It wasn't particularly steep, but boy did it go on for ages, and once we'd done that - yup, you guessed it, gravity joined in again for fun, frolics, and omgsofastwherearethebrakes!!!!!

According to our elevation map, that was clearly the hardest part and after lunch would be easy by comparison. The fact that I'm telling you this should tip you off to something. We were wrong. The afternoon was filled with short sharp climbs, sometimes surprise climbs when you thought you'd just finished a climb. Admittedly, the gravity was fun and terror inducing, but we had been warned that the last climb of the day was "hard". Now, if that was their definition of "hard", I'd hate to come across something they classify as "easy". Needless to say, half way up, it was full stop, slump on handlebars, and then work out that some water would be a good idea. Before you think that I'm some kind of wuss (although I totally am one), I wasn't the only person to do this, and I only stopped once before following the back wheel of a guy (who had gone past me saying "hi. Not stopping for a chat") up the rest of the way.

After that it was the simple case of finding our B&B, where I admit I had to hand my man card in as I had to ask a passing car for directions.

Highlight sights of the day include "Man and a LARGE Van" sign in Marazion, a house being sold by Lillicrap and Somebody, and a sign saying Mr Vantastic in Par I think.

The B&B I'm in tonight seems nice, although the shower is The Shower Of Ice - at least it was when I got in. Then I found that like some World of Warcraft weapons, I could engage the "use" command to turn it into something different - The Scaulding Cauldron. I opted to dance a bit in the Scaulding Cauldron, and then "use" it again to get the Shower of Ice back.

After a slap up meal at a Pub in Fowey, and 70 miles cycled, I think it's time for bed! Tune in next time (whenever that may be) to hear more epic tales of One Man's journey across the country (with 25 other people)
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